Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zelda Lineup

    This is character lineup of what I remember of Ocarina of Time; in essence: this is what the eight year old me took away from that game. Here are some beats I wanted to hit with each character BASED on my eight year old interpretation (and keep in mind, I honestly barely know the story, I was just an eight year old wanting to hit dudes):

  • Adult Link
    • I know Link is supposed to be growing into a cunning warrior however, he's been all about this princess for how long and she still seems hardly grateful for the deeds Link has done. Because of this I always had a sort of pity on adult Link and thought of him as a hopeless dork with a sword.
  • Kid Link
    • Always came off as a snot to me
    • Unkempt weird little orphan elf kid?
  • Sheik
    • Who's she fooling?
  • Adult Zelda
    • With the introduction of Sheik I started liking Zelda a whole lot more throughout the game, so I made her less boring as she aged, and a little more presentable if you will.
  • Kid Zelda
    • Yawn. Spoiled princess, all I remember about her is her guards were assholes and kind of a pain to get past.
  • Guru Guru
    • Once again, nothing changed too much, just wanted to make him because he's such a weird recognizable caveat character.
  • Deku Scrub
    • I didn't really do all that much here, I just always thought they were a cool enemy type and wanted to paint one.
  • Goron
    • They are big cuddly dumb volcano bears that are blessed with retard strength (pardon the french).
  • Princess Ruto
    • The fishiest polygonal sexpot my prepubescent mind has ever seen.
  • King Zora
    • I felt it necessary to include him with Princess Ruto but all in all he's just a morbidly obese fish with a cape.
  • Ganondorf
    • He was creepy and weird and green and just seemed like the type of dude that eats maggots, smells disgusting. I thought he was way too pretty in the games, so I just wanted to make him look more spindly and weird. That being said, being such a horrible villain I totally could and maybe SHOULD make him more badass and cool, less spindly and weak. HOWEVER, this interpretation needs to remain true to 8-year-old-Ethan-universe, so that's Ganondorf.

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