Friday, August 10, 2012

Football for Mutants

I love football. Let me reiterate. Love it. A previous client asked if I could help out with some concepts for a Unity game, it got canned almost instantly, but luckily I was given permission to show off some concepts. These are the three mobs in the game: fan, cheerleader, and football player. The hook: they are zombies. So I went to my big book of stereotypes and came up with these. I had to suit the football player in a neckroll/leather hat, which sent this into some retroish themes (older uni's are better anyway)

Tangentially, I am craving a Mutant League Football(-esque) game, and may do some concepts along the lines of how I would design it. Boney Romo, Slay Matthews, Frank Gorey, J. Cutter and the likes. I did a little chrome study with a sketch I made for the concept, nothing fancy, just a fun way to practice chroming out some robits.

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